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Why is it the more skin this boy covers the more I want him

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If you ever feel embarrassed or ashamed by something just know that the first version of FF14 is considered so bad that Square Enix canonically summoned Bahamut to blow up the old game so it literally doesn’t exist.

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wow!!! disneyland things from like a month ago but i forgot to post
holy shit the girl in the 2nd pic looks like yachi even before i knew who yachi was 

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good morning boys!! (●´艸`) peach punch!! (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Anonymous whispered: AWW methinks my last ask got deleted haha oopsie. LEMME TRY DIS AGAIN. kk so I have um dark brown hair, and I'm kinda tall like 5' 9'' or so idrk. My eyes are hazel and I usually wear these glasses over them so yesh. Uh my hobbies are um music~ I love like all types of music and I also play the piano and trumpett. I <3 VIDEOGAMEZZ AND ANIME ALL NIGHT YES. I alsoo draw and play a ton of chesss. HAVE A WUNDERFUL DAY OR MONTH OR WHATEVER *huggles*

oh my goodness um. Sure i’d date you! You sound really cute! And i’ll be sure to watch anime all the time with you and play video games with you!

Anonymous whispered: Uh and I dunn really care wut type of datee~ An arcade and ice cream would be nicee haha

what? Oh geez did tumblr eat your first ask? Am i missing something?

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Please tell me if any of the links aren’t working


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Profile Anatomy

Drawing Heads

Basic Head Layout

How to Draw Ears

Drawing Noses

How To Draw Mouths


Lips Ref

Semi-Realistic Eye Tutorial

Tips for Drawing Eyes

Manga Eye Tutorial

Pixel Eye


Step by Step Expressions

How to Avoid the Same Face

Head Angles



Drawing Hair In Pencil

How To Draw Braids

Another Braid tutorial

Headband Braid Tutorial

How To Draw Hair

Hair Tutorial

Another Hair Tutorial

Simple Hair Tutorial

Hairstyle Tutorial

50 Male Hairstyles Revamped 

Let’s Do Hair!


Pixel Hair Tutorial

Manga Boys Hair Tutorial


A Guide to Drawing the Human Body

How To Draw Hands

Hand Tutorial

Hand Gestures

More Hand Gestures

Arm Tutorial

Feet Drawing Guide

Foot Tutorial

Drawing Feet


Sitting Poses

Drawing Torsos

Abs Tutorial

Clothes and Accessories:

Clothing Tutorial (Notes)

How to Draw Flower Crowns

Helmets and Hats



How to Draw Tights


Boot Tutorial

Plaid Tutorial

Lace Tutorial

Armour Tutorial



Folded Wings

Tutorial on Creature Design

Bat Wings on Humans

Pegasus Wings

Animal Legs on Humans

Dragon Tutorial

Dragon Wing Tutorial

Dragon Hands and Feet Tutorial

Dragon Mouth Tutorial

Dragon Head Tutorial

Dragon Scales

Clawed Hand Tutorial

Basic Horn Tutorial

Sauropod Tutorial

How to Draw Centaurs

Werewolf Anatomy


Animal Noses

Basic Animal Anatomy

Paw Tutorial

Fur Tutorial

Pixel Fur Tutorial

Painting Fur


Horse Tutorial

Horse Proportions

Horse Hooves

Horse Legs

Dog Anatomy

Simple Dog Tutorial

Wolf Paw Tutorial

Wolf Head Tutorial

Drawing a Wolf

Canine Leg Tutorial

Feline Comparison

Big Cat Paw Tutorial

Lion Head Tutorial

Cat Faces Tutorial

Snow Leopard Tutorial

Tiger Tutorial

Fox Tutorial

Rabbit Drawing Tips

Butterfly Tutorial

Rat Tutorial

Owl Anatomy

Feather Tutorial

Bear Anatomy


Glowing Stuff

How to Draw 3D Rooms

Gun Ref

Slime Tutorial

Chain Tutorial

Gemstone Tutorial

Bullet Metal Tutorial

Lightsaber Tutorial

Gold Coin Tutorial

Jewel Tutorial


Tree Tutorial

How to Create Stars (With Photoshop)

Stars Tutorial

How to Draw Clouds

How to Draw a Rose

Simple Roses

Grass Tutorial

Another Grass Tutorial

Quick Grass Tutorial

Bush Tutorial

Rain Tutorial

Water Tutorial

Underwater Tutorial

Fire Tutorial

Snow Tutorial

Light Tutorial

Light Sparkle Tutorial

Mountain Tutorial

Another Mountain Tutorial

Moon Tutorial

How to Draw a Apple

Strawberry Tutorial


The Psychology of Colour

How To Colour

Colour Blender

Colour Scheme Designer

Colour Meanings For Roses

Color Hex

Colour Harmony

Skin Colour Palette

Pastel Colours

Greyscale Tutorial

Colouring Cloth

Hair Colouring

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Pixel Art Tutorial

Another Pixel Art Tutorial

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Glitch Effect (with Photoshop)

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Silk - Interactive Generative Art

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Don’t Know What to Draw?

This is fantastic!!